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Redrafting of the EU Motor Insurance Directive

The EU planned to redraft the Motor Insurance Directive amending Directive 2009/103/EC and on the 24th of May 2018 the Commission presented their revision proposal of the Motor Insurance Directive.

The initially proposed amendments would have been an extreme burden to the motorsport industry, as it would have required all forms of motorised transport, no matter where it would have been used subject to mandatory third party liability insurance.

This would have also included motorsport, which would have made it illegal to participate in these events due to extreme problems of availability of this kind of insurance for motorsport.

The text as it has been adopted by IMCO now needs to be voted on by the EU Parliament and Council.

The recently by IMCO adopted  amendmends include:

Third party liability insurance is only required for vehicles used in traffic.

 If there is a dual use of a vehicle only the use in traffic needs to be insured.

Vehicles used only for motorsport shall  be excluded of the scope of the directive.

The Motorsport industry and their associations, as well as ETO and their member companies contributed to making the legislators aware of the problem to the motorsport industry. We are thankful to the members of the IMCO Committee and hopeful that the Parliament and Council will now approve the changes as well.

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